In Murano, the fabulous glass blowing island, where capable masters transform the white-hot material into precious objects, you can also find works probably not as well known but of no least interest such as glass paintings and engravings, modern and exact reproductions of antique mirrors, etc.
One of the most famous laboratories for this type of handicraft since various decades with its refined work quality, is SALIR.

Well known artists such as Guido Balsamo Stella and Francesco Pelzel have given their efforts obtaining approvals and prices throughout the world with their engravings. Painters, just as known, like Vittorio Zecchin, Zancanaro and Licata have created masterpieces well admired in most important exibitions.
With this catalouge, SALIR presents only a limited part of its production but has a permanent exibition reserved for the experienced clientele where one can see the whole range of production and appreciate the first class materials used as well as the high artistic level reached.